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Ben Martin

Brain Bytes: The Negativity Bias

November 7, 2016   Conflict IQ, The Science

So far in Brain Bytes, we’ve covered the basics of neuroplasticity, taking in the good, and the three brains: lizard, mammal, and primate. This week, we’re going to get to the very center of neuroplasticity: the negativity bias. The negativity bias refers to how easily the human brain turns negative experiences into neural patterns. In […]

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Ben Martin

Brain Bytes: Three Brains For You

August 3, 2016   Conflict IQ, The Science

Last time, we talked about the mind/brain distinction, defined neuroplasticity, and wrapped up with a quick exercise on taking in the good. We’ll need to keep these basics in mind as we continue with this series. Today, we’re going to be talking about different layers of the human brain. First, there’s the “lizard brain” or […]

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Ben Martin

Brain Bytes: What is Neuroplasticity?

August 2, 2016   Conflict IQ, The Science

Back in 2012, I attended a week-long class on neuroplasticity led by neuropsychologist Rick Hanson and sponsored by the Cape Cod Institute. I turned the content into a newsletter series called Brain Bytes, full of tips, tricks, and strategies from the seminar. The class was a few years ago, but the research is transformative and cutting-edge. So over the […]

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Ben Martin

How to Handle Frustration at Work and Home – Even With a Lizard in Your Brain

August 1, 2016   Conflict IQ, The Science

Have you ever had an experience like this? You’re giving a presentation in front of your department. In the middle of your talk, your colleague Brad interrupts you and challenges one of your conclusions. Your pulse climbs as he leans back in his chair, looking smug. A throbbing sensation builds in your temple. Your field […]

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