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Archive for October, 2016

Ben Martin

The Case of the Incompetent Coordinator(?)

October 27, 2016   Case Studies, In-Depth

Presenting Problem An unresolved conflict at a high-tech manufacturing organization between operations’ customization coordinator and the sales group had undermined workflow and jeopardized profitability. Customized machines made up the majority of the organization’s sales, yet the coordinator’s quotes and feasibility studies were backlogged three months, resulting in the loss of an estimated 25% of their sales. […]

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Ben Martin

How To Get the Reaction You Want 96% of the Time

October 11, 2016   Conflict IQ

OK, I’ll admit: that headline sounds completely bogus. But as it turns out, there’s science to back it up. And it has huge implications for how we handle frustrations at work and in our personal lives. If someone – a friend, a colleague, a family member – loses their cool and gets hostile towards us, […]

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